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Dealing in excess and obsolete inventories of electronic components...
Over 28 years of providing excess inventory solutions to OEMs, EMSs, CEMs and trading companies worldwide.
Esarem buys and sells EXCESS of active and passive electronic components... Integrated circuits, diodes, transistors, memories, relays, LEDs, inductors, capacitors
Customers Focus, Sourcing Flexibility, Global Reach, Financial Strength and Experience are the reasons that ESAREM is the # 1 buyer of Excess Inventories.
'' We stock over 85,000 product lines and inventories worth more than USD 50 million at our warehouse facilities.''
Leading global electronic companies use ESAREM for:
Lot purchase: To liquidate excess inventory as soon as surpluses develop, to avoid carrying costs and the risk of declining values.
Consignment Partnership: To get more return for the excess on consignment agreement .We take your excess on consignment and distribute the products profitably in the global market.